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Bubblegum Gelato THCa Flower Bulk Eighths (64 Units)

Bubblegum Gelato THCa Flower Bulk Eighths (64 Units)


Bubblegum Gelato THCa flower is a heavily dominant Indica hybrid. Prepackaged eighths – 64 units (half pound).

$17.50 per unit

MSRP – $45.00

This product contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC in compliance with section 10113 of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill and as a result, is legal for sale. 

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Bubblegum Gelato THCa Flower Bulk Eighths, your next favorite choice for relaxation and relief! Also known as BG Gelato, this product offers a unique and satisfying experience. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. The Strain: Bubblegum Gelato is an indica-leaning hybrid weed strain. This blend masterfully crosses the well-loved Gelato #45 with the mysterious Indiana Bubblegum.
  2. THC Content: Containing 16% THC, BG Gelato is a perfect fit for beginner cannabis users. It offers a gentle yet effective touch.
  3. Effects: Many users report that Bubblegum Gelato provides relaxing, uplifting, and hunger-inducing effects. The feeling is both soothing and energizing at the same time.
  4. Medical Usage: If you suffer from symptoms associated with fatigue, arthritis, or stress, this strain might be the right choice for you. Medical marijuana patients often turn to Bubblegum Gelato for its therapeutic benefits.
  5. Aroma and Flavor: This strain features a fruity and earthy aroma that tantalizes the senses. Additionally, a sweet cherry finish enhances the overall experience.
  6. Dominant Terpene: Myrcene is the main terpene in Bubblegum Gelato, contributing to its distinctive profile.
  7. Packaging: You will get 64 Prepackaged Eighths in this bulk offering. It’s a convenient way to have a steady supply of this delightful strain.

Bubblegum Gelato THCa Flower Bulk Eighths are more than just a product; they’re an indulgence for both novice and experienced cannabis enthusiasts. With its unique blend of effects and flavors, it’s a standout choice that brings comfort and pleasure. Whether for medical needs or leisure enjoyment, give BG Gelato a try today!

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