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Cherry Punch THCa Prerolls 1 Gram (112 Units)

Cherry Punch THCa Prerolls 1 Gram (112 Units)


Cherry Punch THCa prerolls are a Sativa dominant hybrid strain. Unpackaged wholesale 1 gram prerolls. 112 Units (1/4 pound).

$7.00 per unit

MSRP – $15.00 – $18.00 per Preroll

This product contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC in compliance with section 10113 of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill and as a result, is legal for sale. 

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Cherry Punch THCa Prerolls Wholesale introduces a remarkable sativa hybrid experience that combines convenience with exceptional flavor and effect. This potent strain, created by crossing Cherry AK-47 and Purple Punch F2, is also known as Black Cherry Punch.

The Cherry Punch THCa pre rolls are celebrated for their bold cherry taste, enriched with dense, citrus terpenes. Upon lighting, smokers are greeted with a fruity and slightly skunk-like aroma that’s both rich and inviting. The smoke is perfect for uplifting and relaxing moments, whether you’re tuning into new music or running some errands.

For those seeking relief from anxiety and stress, Cherry Punch offers a harmonious balance. The high is calming and motivating at the same time, delivering a perfect blend for various moods and activities.

Visually striking, the Cherry Punch buds are dark green with eye-catching purple specks and vibrant orange hairs. This aesthetically pleasing presentation complements the rich flavors and aromas, making Cherry Punch pre rolled cones a perfect option for both individual enjoyment and social gatherings.

Purchase Cherry Punch wholesale prerolls and discover a delightful way to enjoy cannabis. These prerolls are designed for those who appreciate quality, convenience, and a unique flavor profile that truly stands out.

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3.5 Grams (1/8 Oz.)