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Rainbow Runtz THCa Prerolls 1 Gram (112 Units)

Rainbow Runtz THCa Prerolls 1 Gram (112 Units)


Rainbow Runtz THCa prerolls are an Indica strain. Wholesale 1 gram prerolls. 112 Units (1/4 pound).

$7.00 per unit

MSRP – $15.00 – $18.00 per Preroll

This product contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC in compliance with section 10113 of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill and as a result, is legal for sale. 

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Rainbow Runtz THCa Prerolls, a wholesale sensation that blends color, taste, and relaxation into a compact and convenient form. These 1-gram cones are carefully crafted to offer a calming experience that’s both enjoyable and unique.

Rainbow Runtz, an indica strain, is created through a double cross of Skittlez and DoSiDos. Unlike some other indicas, the effects of Rainbow Runtz are more soothing than energizing, making it an ideal choice for those looking to unwind. Many who have tried this strain report feeling hungry, sleepy, and relaxed.

The flavor profile of Rainbow Runtz adds to its allure, featuring earthy notes combined with hints of pine and berry. When smoked in larger doses, hydration is key, as this strain may create sensations of dry eyes or mouth.

Rainbow Runtz THCa Prerolls:

  1. Calming Experience: The soothing effects of Rainbow Runtz make these prerolls a great choice for relaxation and decompression.
  2. Unique Flavor: The earthy blend of pine and berry offers a taste that’s both familiar and exotic, pleasing the palate with every puff.
  3. Convenience and Quality: Expertly rolled into 1-gram cones, these prerolls provide a smooth and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

For retailers seeking to enrich their offerings with a product that appeals to a broad audience, Rainbow Runtz THCa Prerolls provide a unique opportunity. The combination of taste, effects, and convenience makes these prerolls a valuable addition to any store’s collection.

In conclusion, wholesale Rainbow Runtz 1 gram cones offer a kaleidoscope of sensations that are sure to captivate and satisfy. From the distinctive flavor to the calming effects, these prerolls provide a comprehensive cannabis experience. Consider adding Rainbow Runtz THCa Prerolls to your inventory today, and let your customers discover a colorful world of relaxation and enjoyment!


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