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THCa Diamonds Wholesale Crystalline

THCa Diamonds Wholesale Crystalline


THCa Diamonds wholesale. THCa diamonds are concentrated THCa in crystalline format making them easy to use with your nail and dab rig. Highly potent and pure, laced with delicious terps. Buy our THCa diamonds by the pound, ounce or gram.

  • One Pound of THCa Diamonds
  • High Potency
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant
THCA-DILB. In stock .


What are THCa Diamonds?

THCa diamonds are simply concentrated THCa extracted from raw flower. Its consistency can be compared to shatter, though it is much purer. THCa diamonds typically range from 97% to 99% purity providing a pleasurable dabbing experience.

THCa Diamonds in Sauce

In order to maintain terpene integrity THCa diamonds undergo a carefully curated extraction method using solvents. Sometimes manufacturers will dissipate the solvents leaving behind a blend of extra terpenes. This blend is of terpenes is often added back to the THCa diamonds as “diamond sauce”.  As a result, the THCa concentrate tastes so much better than powder extractions.

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