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Chemdawg OG THCa Flower Pounds

Chemdawg OG THCa Flower Pounds


Chemdawg OG THCA Flower, the ultimate blend of OG Kush and Chemdawg. This balanced hybrid hits with a cerebral buzz from its Chemdawg roots, followed by the mellow chill vibes of OG Kush. Aromatic notes of diesel and spice meet earthy, pine flavors for a rich smoking experience. Perfect for those creative or chill sessions, available in quarter pound, half pound, and full pound sizes. Whether you’re kicking back or sparking inspiration, Chemdawg OG has got you covered. Get yours and elevate your day!

THCA Level – 28.6%

This product contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC in it’s raw form, in compliance with section 10113 of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill and as a result, is legal for sale with the exception of the following states: HI, ID, MN, OR, RI, UT, VT. 

  • Full Pound (16 Ozs.)
  • Half Pound (8 Ozs.)
  • Quarter Pound (4 Ozs.)
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Chemdawg OG THCA Flower Wholesale

Dude, let me introduce you to one stellar bud: Chemdawg OG THCA Flower. This bud is a knockout blend of OG Kush and Chemdawg, two of the most epic strains out there. It’s like the superhero team-up of the cannabis world, delivering a balanced hybrid that’s perfect for any time you wanna elevate your day.

The Legendary Lineage

Imagine taking the chill, classic vibes of OG Kush and mixing it with the sharp, pungent kick of Chemdawg. What you get is Chemdawg OG—a strain with roots deep in cannabis royalty. It’s the perfect match-up, blending the calming power of OG with the mind-clearing sharpness of Chemdawg. It’s all about harmony, man, bringing you the best of both relaxation and mental clarity.

Sensory Journey

Opening a stash of Chemdawg OG is like opening a treasure chest. The first thing that hits you is that intense aroma—dank and diesel-like with a hint of spice, all thanks to its Chemdawg side. Then, when you take a hit, the OG Kush comes through with its earthy, pine notes, making each puff a rich, flavorful experience.


With Chemdawg OG, the high is as awesome as its taste. It kicks off with a cerebral rush, thanks to the Chemdawg heritage, clearing your mind and boosting your mood to the skies. Then, as you settle into the session, the OG Kush influence creeps in, smoothing out the ride with a wave of relaxation that soothes without knocking you out. It’s the kind of high that’s perfect for vibing out with music, getting artsy, or just hanging with friends.

Get Your Hands on Some Chemdawg OG Buds

Ready to try it? Chemdawg OG THCA Flower is waiting for you in quarter pounds, half pounds, and full pounds. We’ve even got you covered on the wholesale front if you’re looking to keep the good times rolling for longer. This strain is ideal whether you’re stocking up for a chill weekend or gearing up for a creative brainstorm.

Why It’s a Must-Try

Chemdawg OG is more than just a hybrid; it’s a crafted experience. With its powerful genetics, awesome flavor, and dual-action high, it’s perfect for anyone who loves to ride the waves of relaxation and mental clarity. Whether you’re a longtime toker or a newbie to the scene, this flower’s got something special for you. Grab yours and get ready to chill and thrill!

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Full Pound (16 Ozs.), Half Pound (8 Ozs.), Quarter Pound (4 Ozs.)




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