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THCa Shake

Bulk THCA Shake for Sale

THCA shake, a cost effective option for making prerolls and edibles. THCA shake consists of small pieces of THCA flower shake and the tiniest bit of trim, making it perfect for those looking for a more affordable way to enjoy the benefits of THCA. Our cheap THCA hemp shake provides all the potency of regular THCA flower without breaking the bank at less than $20 an ounce.

Looking to stock up? You can buy bulk THCA shake online by the pound, and we offer great wholesale pricing discounts on orders of five pounds or more. Enjoy the same high quality experience at a fraction of the cost with our THCA flower shake. Ideal for vaping, smoking, or making edibles, our THCA flower shake is a great addition to any cannabis collection.

Ice Cream Cake THCA Shake Bulk

Indica | 19.62% THCa | LBs


Indica | 21.58% THCa | LBs


Indica | 15.82% THCa | LBs


Sativa | 19.23% THCa | LBs


Sativa | 19.25% THCa | LBs



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