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Wholesale THCA Vapes and Bulk THCA Carts

Wholesale THCA Liquid Diamonds Vape 1 Gram

Wholesale THCA Liquid Diamonds vape disposables. Rechargeable vape pens with multiple temperatures for smooth hits. Sold in lots of 10 with 9 different strains available. Try our 1 gram wholesale THCA vape disposables for a tasty on the go treat that packs a punch.

$11.00 Each

Can’t get enough THCA? Try our 2 gram wholesale THCA vapes and get the best bang for your buck. These disposable vape pens are rechargeable and have different temperature settings for a dialed in sesh. Sold in bulk lots of 10 with 10 strain choices available.

$15.00 Each

Buy bulk THCA carts in bundles of 10 for only $9 per cartridge. Our 510 carts are filled with our premium THCA distillate. They are sold unlabeled and ready for private label resale. 

$9.00 Each


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