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We work with growers and resellers to provide wholesale THCa hemp flower in bulk. Call us to purchase or sell your THCa stock.

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We also carry a number of branded THCa flower products for both retailers and consumers. Buy THCa flower by the ounce or eighth ounce.

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Want to launch your own line of THCa and alt cannabinoid products? HIGH THCa can help with everything from inventory to packaging.

THCa Hemp Flower

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THCa - The New Cannabinoid Loophole

THCa flower is quickly becoming a the next trend in Cannabis. What is THCa? Is THCa legal? Watch this video from one of the largest cannabis testing companies in the world and see why we all love THCa. Thanks Farm Bill!


We've been in the hemp industry for almost a decade. Whether you are a grower, retailer or consumer, HIGH THCa Hemp Flower has the THCa flower you've been searching for.

What is High THCA Hemp Flower?

High THCA hemp flower refers to cannabis flower that contains high levels of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) while maintaining Delta 9 THC levels below 0.3% by dry weight, to remain within legal limits imposed by the federal government. It’s the same great flower you’ve been smoking. The higher the THCA percentage, the better the buds!

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"I was wasting so much time trying to source and sell inventory on third party marketplaces. These guys have their finger on the pulse of the industry. They helped me acquire the wholesale high THCa hemp flower I needed to bridge that inventory gap and make more sales."
Darren Silva
Darren Silva
Silver City Canna

High THCa Flower

Buy THCA flower ounces, half ounces and eighths individually. No minimum order requirements for purchases.

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Snowcap THCa flower is the strongest THCA flower available. Exotic buds coated in pure THCA isolate.

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THCA shake can be used for making your own concentrates, edibles and prerolls. Only $230 per pound.

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Buy bulk THCA flower pounds and get ounces for as low as $50 when you buy a quarter pound of wholesale buds.

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