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Mendo Breath THCa Flower Ounces

Mendo Breath THCa Flower Ounces


Mendo Breath THCA Flower is a dank indica strain mixing OG Kush Breath and Mendo Montage. With sweet, vanilla flavors and chill, relaxing effects, it’s perfect for winding down. Our lab-tested Mendo Breath buds guarantee top quality and a primo experience.

THCA Level – 25.35%

This product contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC in compliance with section 10113 of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill and as a result, is legal for sale. 

  • 3.5 Grams (1/8 Oz.)
  • 7 Grams (1/4 Oz.)
  • 28 Grams (1 Oz.)
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Mendo Breath THCA Flower Ounces, Quarters and Eighths

If you’re looking for a chill time, Mendo Breath THCA flower ounces are where it’s at. This gnarly indica strain, a mix of OG Kush Breath and Mendo Montage, is straight fire. High THCA Hemp Flower hooks you up with the dopest, lab-tested buds around.

Mendo Breath Strain Genetics

Mendo Breath is a legit combo of OG Kush Breath and Mendo Montage. OG Kush Breath brings that classic dankness, while Mendo Montage adds a bit of spice. This killer mix makes Mendo Breath a heavy-hitting indica that’s perfect for maxing and relaxing.

Mendo Breath Bud Appearance and Aroma

Mendo Breath buds are chunky and frosty, with shades of green and purple that are straight eye candy. The smell? It’s like a sweet, earthy blend with a dash of vanilla, making your nostrils do a happy dance.

Mendo Breath Weed Flavor Profile

Light up some Mendo Breath weed, and you’ll get hit with a sweet, vanilla flavor that’s smooth and creamy. It’s like dessert in your bong, bro. Every puff is a tasty trip that keeps you coming back for more.

THCA Flower Effects

Being an indica, Mendo Breath is all about that deep relaxation, man. Perfect for kicking back after a long day, it’ll melt away your stress and have you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud. If you wanna veg out and catch some Z’s, this strain’s got your back.

Why Choose Our Mendo Breath THCA Flower?

  • Top-Shelf Quality: Our buds are lab-tested and primo
  • Chill Vibes: Ideal for max relaxation
  • Dank Flavors: Sweet, creamy vanilla goodness

Product Details

  • Type: Indica
  • Genetics: OG Kush Breath x Mendo Montage
  • Available in: Ounces, Quarter Ounces, Eighths

Additional information


3.5 Grams (1/8 Oz.), 7 Grams (1/4 Oz.), 28 Grams (1 Oz.)




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