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Purple Voodoo THCa Flower Pounds

Purple Voodoo THCa Flower Pounds


Purple Voodoo THCA Flower is a balanced hybrid strain with an even mix of sativa and indica effects, derived from Purple Urkle, Purple Doja, and Purple Diesel. Known for its vibrant purple and red buds, it boasts a sweet, pungent grape flavor with a hint of spice. This strain offers a relaxing, euphoric high that’s perfect for sparking creativity and unwinding.

THCA Level – 33.10%

This product contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC in it’s raw form, in compliance with section 10113 of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill and as a result, is legal for sale with the exception of the following states: HI, ID, MN, OR, RI, UT, VT. 

  • Full Pound (16 Ozs.)
  • Half Pound (8 Ozs.)
  • Quarter Pound (4 Ozs.)
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Purple Voodoo THCA Flower

Hey, stoner fam! Let me tell you about Purple Voodoo THCA Flower, a balanced hybrid that’s truly top shelf. This beauty is a cross between Purple Urkle, Purple Doja, and Purple Diesel, bringing together the best of its purple lineage.

Purple Voodoo Strain Information

Purple Voodoo is a 50/50 hybrid, which means you get the best of both worlds with a balanced mix of sativa and indica effects. This strain is all about blending a calm, clear-headed high with a nice shot of euphoria and creativity. You’ll feel both relaxed and mentally stimulated, making it perfect for any time of the day.

Bud Appearance

These buds are a visual treat. Imagine dense, dark flowers with vibrant shades of purple and red, topped with fiery orange hairs and a frosty layer of white trichomes. This is the kind of weed you just want to stare at before you smoke it.

Purple Voodoo Flavor and Aroma

The flavor profile is just as impressive. Think sweet, pungent grapes with a hint of berry and a bit of spice. The aroma is musky with a grapey sweetness that fills the room when you break open a nug.

Purple Voodoo Strain Effects

When it comes to effects, Purple Voodoo doesn’t disappoint. You’ll feel a pleasant tingly sensation that sparks creativity and brings on a euphoric, happy vibe. It’s great for chilling out and getting into a relaxed yet focused state of mind. Whether you’re kicking back with some tunes or diving into a creative project, this strain’s got you covered.

THCA Flower Wholesale Options

We offer Purple Voodoo THCA Flower wholesale by the pound, half pound, or quarter pound. This strain is unlabeled and ready for white labeling, making it a versatile choice for any business looking to stock a high-quality, popular product.

So, if you’re looking for a top-shelf strain that brings together the best of sativa and indica, Purple Voodoo is your go-to. Get ready to enjoy the ride on a purple cloud of creativity and relaxation.

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Full Pound (16 Ozs.), Half Pound (8 Ozs.), Quarter Pound (4 Ozs.)




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