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THCa Flower Sample Pack

THCa Flower Sample Pack


Our THCa flower sample pack provides the opportunity to try several different THCa strains before making a large wholesale bulk THCa flower purchase. Choose any 4 strains and you will receive 4 – 1/8 ounce samples.


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Why should you buy our THCa Flower Sample Pack?

We’re in the cannabis industry too. We know what it’s like to make a large purchase of bulk THCa flower only to find it doesn’t meet your satisfaction. Stop wasting your money looking for a new supplier and try High THCa Hemp Flower today, you won’t be disappointed!

You will receive a mix of 1.2 gram samples for a total of a quarter ounce. We will choose the strains based on our current THCa flower inventory. Of course, you will receive the top shelf strains, we’re trying to earn your business.

THCa Flower COA

Each strain will come with a Certificate of Analysis. The THCa flower COA ensures that our products have a high THCa percentage while remaining under the allowable limit for Delta 9 THC. This is what qualifies our flower as a hemp product according to the 2018 Farm Bill.

Do You Offer Free THCa Flower Samples?

We do not offer free THCa flower samples for any reason. All samples are sold at a retail price point. If you come back to purchase in bulk, you will receive wholesale pricing options for 1 or more pounds.


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